Ann Miranda, Director


Ann Miranda, is the director at Surrogate Alternatives and has been involved in third party reproduction since 2002. She began her journey with Surrogate Alternatives as a surrogate mother.

Ann has been a gestational surrogate twice, resulting in the birth of a little girl in 2003 and boy/girl twins in 2005. She began working for the agency as a support liaison in 2005, quickly excelling to surrogate and egg donor coordinator, then to office manager and finally to agency director.

Ann is passionate about assisting people through their journeys and takes her time to listen to each client’s needs in order to provide them with proper advice and guidance. For many, it has been a long hard road to get to this point and all they are asking for is a little hope and direction, which they are able to find with Ann’s help.

Working for Surrogate Alternatives, Ann has appeared on television, both locally and internationally to raise surrogacy awareness and reach out to those in need of infertility services. We are very proud Ann represents Surrogate Alternatives in such a positive way and recognize her as a valued and true asset to our agency, someone who will always put a client’s needs first.


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