Client Testimonials

Married Parents

We had a wonderful experience working with Surrogate Alternatives. Of all the agencies that we researched and interviewed, we chose Surrogate Alternatives primarily because of their care and concern about our circumstances. Their professionalism and knowledge about surrogacy demonstrated their level of experience. We were fortunate enough to have Diana Van De Voort-Perez as our Gestational Surrogate. She was a gem. We couldn’t have hoped for a better person to carry our little Princess. Everyone at Surrogate Alternatives helped make our experience as trouble free as possible. Even though we lived across the country in New York, Surrogate Alternatives made us feel as if we were right there each and every step of the pregnancy. We highly recommend Surrogate Alternatives without any hesitation.

-The Gordon Family

When my Husband and I were thinking about having a baby with a surrogate, there were two-questions we asked ourselves. What do we do first? How do we choose someone to be a surrogate for us? Thankfully I found Surrogate Alternatives on the internet. They were able to answer those questions and many more that we had. We could not think of anyone better to help us with the entire process than people that have been Surrogates themselves. They were able to take all the guess work out of everything from putting us in contract with the most Wonderful Surrogate, a Great Lawyer and the Absolutely Best Fertility Center. They have a great support system for the Surrogates and were in constant contact with us. We never felt alone in our journey as Surrogate Alternatives was always just a phone call or email away. We could not have asked for things to go more smoothly that they did with Surrogate Alternatives, for not only their kindness, but for their vast knowledge of the entire process. I thank them every day in my heart for doing what they do, for without the, I would have never known what to do first or how to choose someone to bring my Beautiful Son into this world.

-Ginger, Bill & Baby Lorence

My husband and I contacted Surrogate Alternatives in 2003 looking to have a baby, since we were unable to have one the natural way. We had worked with other agencies before coming to Surrogate Alternatives and had bad experiences with them, so to say the least, we were skeptical. We were very impressed with how polite and helpful the staff was and when we asked questions they were always quick at responding and put any worries we had, at ease.

We were matched with the most perfect surrogate and our journey was delightful and easy from the start to finish. Actually, we aren’t quite finished. We are now working on a sibling for our daughter Ariana, whom we are blessed to have in our lives thanks to our amazing surrogate Sirell. I cannot tell you how much Surrogate Alternatives has done for us or how grateful we are to them every day for the friendship we will treasure forever with Sirell and the miracle child we have. Hopefully very soon we will have another little angel to hold in our arms.

Out of the many agencies in California, we would rate Surrogate Alternatives a “10” and highly recommend them to others in need.

– Patti, Joe & Arianna

Gay Parents

Starting the process for surrogacy seemed overwhelming. We felt a lot better after we discovered SAI online and had our first Skype call with Ann. It was immediately obvious that she had an incredible amount of expertise and experience working with gay couples from out of state. She often answered our questions before we even thought to ask them. Without hesitation we contracted with SAI. Ann and the others at SAI were always available to answer questions by email, phone, or Skype. Ann really got to know us and connected us with our ideal egg donor and surrogate. She helped us navigate the legal paperwork and offered helpful advice for working with our surrogate. We were so happy to have Ann visit us in the hospital the day after our twins were born because she helped make our dream of being dads become a reality.

All Smiles now thanks to SAI,
-Tony & Derek

I started my voyage to parenthood 19 years ago. I looked into adoption and was told the chances of a gay man being allowed to adopt a child, was next to none. Once agency suggested that I should find a woman who had children and marry her. A straight friend of mine suggested that I try the surrogacy route. Again I was turned down by a number of agencies because I am gay (the fact that I am a successful, stable professional and could well provide for a child was insignificant to those agencies) and those that were willing to help me charged astronomical fees and guaranteed nothing.

I then found Surrogate Alternatives while searching the web. I called Diana and I was impressed at how eager she was to help me and that my being gay was not an issue with Surrogate Alternatives, as it was with a lot of the other agencies I contacted. She provided me with references and other information so that I was satisfied that her agency was stable. She also provided me information on available surrogates, egg donors, fertility doctors, lawyers, etc. She was never pushy and she made sure that I knew what I was getting in to, that I understood the procedures and costs involved and that I was sure that I was prepared to go the surrogacy route. I also found that Surrogate Alternatives’ costs were very reasonable and that they understood that those going the surrogacy route have planned and saved for many years and wanted to make sure that those using the agency became parents. After having reviewed the information provided to me and having spoken to Diana a couple of times, I felt very secure in having SAI work with me in having a child through surrogacy. I filled out the questionnaires that she sent me and I signed a contract with SAI. I have never regretted that decision!

Working with Diana and the staff of Surrogate Alternatives, I found that, unlike the other agencies that I contacted, they were always there for me to answer questions, give advice and make sure that I was getting the best prices possible from the lawyers drafting the contracts and agreements and procedures were completed on schedule and always took my concerns seriously. My calls to them were returned almost immediately and they did excellent screening of the surrogates and matched me with a wonderful surrogate who was very responsible and very serious about helping me have a child. I found Surrogate Alternatives is a very efficiently run operation that really cares about their clients.

In my dealings with Surrogate Alternatives, I feel that I have become friends with Diana and her team, rather than just a business relationship. They always showed caring and respect for my dream to have a child and understood how important it was to me.

As a result of the efforts of Diana and the staff of Surrogate Alternatives, on May 26th, the surrogate they found for me gave birth to my beautiful son, Antonio. I wish I could explain the joy that I felt when I first held him in my arms and the joy I feel each and every time I look at him.

I will be forever grateful to Diana and her staff and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants their dream of having a child come true, as mine did with the help of SAI.


For years before we even met, my partner Logan and I dreamed of being parents, but we accepted the fact that we are gay and that it was impossible for us to become parents. Then the day came that Logan and I met each other and the relationship grew. Finally the day came when we felt we were ready to become parents. We began researching our options for raising a child together. Out of the few choices we had, we felt that surrogacy was the best for us.

There were various agencies across the country that offered the services we needed and appeared to be open to who we are as gay men. It was Surrogate Alternatives that appeared to be the most personable agency that was willing to work with us with flexible options that suited our needs. When we flew out to San Diego to meet with Surrogate Alternatives, it was their friendliness and ability to address our concerns that Logan and I felt comfortable with our decision to work with Surrogate Alternatives to help make our dream come true.

Based on our personalities, requirements, and distance from San Diego, Surrogate Alternatives was able to successfully match us up with the best surrogate available. After meeting with our surrogate and her husband we were intrigued by their strong relationship and their willingness to help us out in such a personal manner. We agreed to move forward and on Logan’s birthday, we conceived. Six weeks after conception, it was confirmed that we were pregnant with twins.

Throughout the pregnancy, our anxiety was ever present, but out great relief came from Surrogate Alternatives and our surrogate who kept us updated with photographs, ultrasounds, letters, or e-mails and phone calls. At six months into the pregnancy, we visited San Diego again to attend one of the ultrasounds and upon seeing our children moving, all of us began to cry. We could not hold back our curiosity anymore and so we asked the doctor to go ahead and tell us the sex of our children. We were pregnant with a boy and a girl.

The attorneys referred to us by Surrogate Alternatives worked quickly and also kept us informed of every step of the legal process. Just before our children’s birth we had a court order that only Logan and I were to be named as our children’s natural parents. We did not need to adopt our own children.

At the hospital we had our own room to share with our children and there were no problems in getting the paperwork filled out and filed. Without the help of Surrogate Alternatives, I do not believe we would have covered all of our bases between the legal aspects, finding the right surrogate, and all the details that one never really anticipates. Thanks to Surrogate Alternatives, we were prepared for this transition to a new chapter in our lives, and thanks to the success of the whole experience, we now have an extended family in California. Two years after the date of our conception, we will be taking our children to visit our surrogate and Surrogate Alternatives.

-Joey & Logan

Professional Testimonials

To prospective clients of Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.,

National Fertility Law Center, Inc. (“NFLC”) and its predecessor law firms (the Law Office of Thomas M. Pinkerton and the Law Office of Willard K. Halm) specialize exclusively in all legal aspects of surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation and sperm donation with over 20 years of experience in this area of law. The founding partners of NFLC are both nationally recognized experts in this unique area of law and have lectured, written articles, made numerous television and radio appearances and given frequent interviews and legal commentary on assisted reproduction and family formation law.

NFLC has worked with Surrogate Alternatives, Inc. (“SAI”) since they first opened their doors in 1998. We have found SAI to be a consistent, reputable and professional organization that is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the surrogacy and egg donation cases that our firm has been a part of.

The staff at Surrogate Alternatives has personal experiences with either surrogacy or egg donation, giving them unique insight into the process their clients, surrogates, and egg donors go through.

SAI offers a very competitive program that is well balanced and fair to both Intended Parents and Surrogates/Donors. Their program attracts quality surrogates and egg donor and Intended Parents can be confident that they are properly with some of the finest IVF clinics, psychologists, and attorneys in the industry which allows them to provide quality referrals to their clients.

In a field where agencies come and go, SAI continues to be a solid and stable cornerstone in this business and we would highly recommend that clients consider working with them.

-JMichelle A. Keeyes, Senior Attorney

The practice of Psychology

The strongest endorsement I can make of an agency is that I trust them with my reputation. It’s the most valuable professional asset. I can’t risk tarnishing that hard won reputation by associating myself with an agency that is not themselves are well respected.

I elect to partner only with agencies who I believe work as hard as I do in helping to turn your dreams of a family into reality-an agency that shows compassion and support for prospective parents, donors, and surrogates-an agency like Surrogate Alternatives.

I trust them with my reputation. You can trust them with your dreams.

– Sylvia Marnella, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Related to Assisted Reproduction

Surrogate Mothers

I have a whole new appreciation to give to surrogates and surrogacy as a whole because of this agency. I just gave birth to twins Nov 9, 2014 because of this agency and couldn’t be more thrilled with them all! The staff is wonderful, patient, caring, and they’re there to help every step of the way. They make sure you get everything you deserve, and have all of the support you could ever want or need. The support group meetings are always fun and filled with food and sometimes prizes! I can’t even explain how much I love their retreats also. I was so happy with this agency and I know if anyone looking for a potential agency looks into SAI, they won’t be let down!! Thank you, SAI for everything you did to help me complete a family.

-Samantha B.

Surrogate Alternatives has been a part of my life and family since 2008, which has resulted in helping 4 different families with 6 children. The experiences were each unique and a blessing to be a part of. I’m grateful to have the ability to help so many families when they weren’t able to achieve pregnancy themselves. I have worked with a range of parents from single Fathers, to two Fathers and recently a Mother & Father. One thing has been a common bond between them all, their drive to want to be parents! The love & desire they had for the children I carried for them is beyond words to describe or to begin to write in detail. The look of every parent as you hand them a precious tiny human is the most euphoric feeling ever, next to giving birth to my own children. When I carried my own children I was so in love with them & being a surrogate I’m in love with making them parents and bonding them with a baby! I can’t thank the agency & staff enough for being a very interactive part of each of the journeys I have experienced. It’s their dedication and love to doing what they do that has kept me coming to their agency to be matched with amazing people. I’m forever grateful to the ladies at Surrogate Alternatives Inc. thanks so much for your continued excellence in making families complete!

-Heidi Flores

Dear Surrogate Alternatives,

When I started out on my adventure as a potential surrogate, I had no idea who to work with or what to do, so I decided that the best thing to do would be to link arms with a well-established and procedure organization that would help take all of the mystery out of the project. I was very happy to have found Surrogate Alternatives because from the very beginning they gave me a sense of comfort. The selection process was smooth and unrushed, and I felt secure that not only myself, but the prospective parents were carefully screened for physical and mental health.

SAI has every potential surrogate in a support group, whether she is currently pregnant, or still in the process of selecting parents that match her qualifications. The support group is invaluable as a touchstone for releasing some of those pent-up hormone-induced emotions, as well as giving insight into areas of surrogacy we may not have yet encountered on our journey. It is also just really fun to realize that you were doing something that other people support and understand, when most non-surrogates want to question your sanity!

SAI was with me every step of the way– during the celebrations, and the disappointments, as a source of support and guidance. They helped ease the way through any legal issues with their guidance, as well as making sure that the hospital transition was graceful and satisfying for myself as well as the parents.

I am happy to say that my experience with SAI was very positive, and that I came away from the birth of twins that I carried-a boy and a girl safely delivered on May 22, 2002 (Mothers Day!)-feeling as if I had satisfied my long desire to “give” in an area I myself had been blessed with. I highly recommend SAI as a knowledgeable, safe, and supportive place to enjoy your surrogacy experience.

– Victoria

For many years I contemplated surrogacy, I had a friend use Surrogate Alternatives and speak volumes about the ladies and her amazing experience with this agency. So after much time, research, and consideration I decided to move forward. I decided to sign up with SAI. From the start my experience with SAI has been nothing but amazing. My first contact with the agency was Monica and Ann. I was so impressed by the professionalism but also the personal connection these ladies have with each of their surrogates. Ann was so wonderful to work with. I felt she genuinely cared about mine and the couples that were interested in my profile. I think she truly puts time and effort into matching each surrogate with a couple that is the right fit.

Throughout my entire journey I have received an incredible amount of love and support from the ladies at SAI. Ann checked in on me throughout the entire journey and was always there to listen if I needed to chat or a pat on the back. She always had great advice. I know deep down in my heart everyone at SAI loves everything about their jobs. They show such a beautiful passion in what they do. They build families and friendships. I can’t put into words how much these ladies do day and night to make sure not only the surrogates are taken care of but also the intended parents. Monica was with me for the delivery of my surro baby which I thought was so awesome of her to do. It was very special to my intended parents and I. Ann came to visit me while I was in the hospital during recovery. The other girls also sent messages of congratulations and support. I feel so confident in saying Surrogate Alternatives is the best agency around! I feel so honored to say that I am a surrogate with this agency.

– Christine Henning

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since you wonderful people at Surrogate Alternatives matched me with the most caring, and loving couple I have ever met. Because of you, you gave me the opportunity to be a part of one of the most amazing creations I have ever known… a beautiful baby boy! Today, little David is one week shy of being 3 months old and I feel as though I have been with him every moment of his life. His parents never forget to send me pictures on an almost daily basis showing me just how big he is becoming. I am so happy when I see how much they love their little boy. It’s as if their suffering and heartache in the past never existed. My couple is forever a part of my family. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Holli