How to become an Egg Donor

Egg Donation is a rewarding experience and an expression of the caring and giving nature of compassionate women like you.

Many couples dream of having children of their own, but find it difficult or near impossible to conceive. Some women are unable to get pregnant with their own eggs due to previous disease, chromosomal abnormalities, early menopause, premature ovarian failure, or simply poor egg quality. The chances of a couple getting pregnant by using donated eggs from a younger, more fertile woman are far greater than proceeding in failed attempts.

Being an egg donor is an amazing opportunity to assist others in making their dreams of having a family, a reality. Giving the gift of life only takes a small amount of your time, but offers intended parents a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

Our egg donors are fairly compensated and the intended parents pay all of their expenses. There will be absolutely no cost to you during your journey and the process usually only takes three months.

Surrogate Alternatives has assisted in helping to create over 500 children through our egg donation program alone. We have had the pleasure of assisting intended parents from around the world. We are established, respected and recognized as one of the top surrogacy and egg donation agencies in our field.

What sets our agency apart from others, is that the Founder and CEO, Diana Olmeda, has been a five-time egg donor herself and knows first-hand the personal satisfaction that comes from helping to build a family in the non-traditional way.

Surrogate Alternatives was not only created from someone with experience in this unique field, but the staff of Surrogate Alternatives has either been a surrogate mother or an egg donor themselves and can personally identify with having many of the same questions you may have.

Become an egg donor today and give the gift of life!