Staff Spotlight: Julie Perez, Surrogate Support Coordinator

Julie Perez is on our dedicated support team at SAI and her official title is Surrogate Support Coordinator. Along with Holly and Caren it’s Julie’s sole responsibility to coordinate with the surrogates, their appointments, births and to lend them support on behalf of SAI. Whether you’re a first time surrogate or a five time surrogate […]

VIDEO: Surrogate Retreat Weekend 2016

Our surrogate retreats at Surrogate Alternatives, Inc. (SAI)  are always a welcomed respite from the every day grind we all go through. It’s a time for our surrogates to check out, rest, relax and enjoy. This past weekend our surrogates traveled from all over California to attend our bi-annual retreat weekend and we were honored […]

Halloween Support Group

We recently had our Halloween surrogate support group and it was a blast to see the amazing desserts and cute costumes. If you didn’t get a chance to attend or you just wanted a peak, here are a few photos to enjoy!  

Retreat Day at Glen Ivy Spa

At SAI we’re a big believer on treating our surrogates to rest and relaxation. Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a day of pampering at Glen Ivy Spa and our amazing surrogates were treated from everything from a mani-pedi as well as mud baths. It was a great time for our surrogates to get […]

A Surrogate and Her Two Intended Fathers

Many gay intended parents need the assistance of both an egg donor and a surrogate mother to create their family. For more than eighteen wonderful years, SAI has had the pleasure of assisting many gay intended parents globally, through successful surrogacy and egg donation arrangements. Most recently our amazing surro angel, Leslie, delivered B/G twins today for […]

Jennifer’s Adventure In Surrogacy!

Surrogacy Adventures with Jennifer

Often times our intended parents want to use IVF clinics that they are working with and often times these clinics are out of state. Our surrogates can choose whether or not to work with intended parents who use clinics out of state. It’s always a treat to watch out surrogates travel on adventures out of […]

Surrogate Sisters

The process of “Building Tomorrow’s Families Today”™ never gets old. How could it? We’re helping build families that otherwise might not have happened. It’s a rewarding experience and all cases are completely different. Most recently we had two surrogates undergo transfers for the same intended parents. Surrogate Sisters, Amber and Ashlee, are two-first time surrogates […]

Surrogate Retreat 2016 – Palm Springs

We held the bi-annual retreat at our amazing Palm Springs location. The girls were treated to a relaxing weekend at an incredible estate with a theater room, huge pool, jacuzzi, and it boasted its own lake complete with rowing boats! It’s no secret that carrying a child for 9 months is no easy task, and it’s no […]