Surrogate Resources


Surrogate Alternatives Support Group Meetings

All matched surrogates are able to attend our monthly support group meetings held at our San Diego office location. Please note that you must be in legal contracts to be compensated, however your attendance is always welcome.  The meetings are for surrogates only; no husbands or children are permitted, as this is your time to obtain support from the staff of SAI and your fellow surrogate sisters.  Most meetings are held at our office with the exception of special events, which are held off site. We plan several fun events throughout the year, which your entire family can attend, like our annual family event held during the summer.

Support group meetings tend to last between 1.5 to 2 hours and to receive compensation you must attend for a minimum of 1.5 hours and complete a sign in sheet.  Most meetings are held on Sundays unless it’s a special event, in which case the location, date and time will be announced.

Support group is a great way to meet other women that are going through the same process as you are. Nowhere can you find a couple dozen other women that truly understand what you and your body is going through. Great friendships and sisterhoods form from these meetings.

Our meetings are usually potluck style. We ask that you bring a dish to share and SAI provides the beverages. We often have themes and food contests, keeping each meeting interesting and fun.

When you are matched and in contracts your case manager will give you a calendar with all the events and group dates for your reference and planning purposes.

Meetings are held at:
The Office of Surrogate Alternatives, INC. (SAI)
876 Jetty Lane
Chula Vista CA 91914

Surrogate Alternatives Retreats

SAI is known throughout the surrogacy community for their fun, weekend retreats.  The SAI staff spends months each year planning these events from games, to the food, to fun activities for our girls to enjoy.  It’s a relaxing weekend away with the SAI staff and your fellow surrogate sisters. Whether we are sun bathing in the Palm Springs, spending the day on set at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles or spending the weekend at a luxury spa, our retreats are completely planned for your enjoyment and relaxation.  Your intended parents sponsor this event and it’s an all-inclusive weekend get-a-way for you. Amazing friendships and bonds are formed that can last a lifetime. We play games and enjoy great food together.  Nothing is better than great friends, food and fun!

Retreat attendance is based on availability and surrogates must sign up to attend. We try to take as many surrogates as we can for each retreat and we host two or more retreats a year.

Please inquire about our next retreat as they are not to be missed.

Facebook Support Forum

Surrogate Alternatives created this forum for current and past surrogates registered with our agency. It’s a private group where women who are going through the process of surrogacy or who have already completed their journey can get to know each other and share advice and support. This closed group is by invitation only and participation is not required. If you would like to be invited to join and you have been or are a matched surrogate with our agency, please send us a request to be added. In this group the type of information shared is about introductions, upcoming IVF Embryo Transfers, bed rest questions, pregnancy results, birth stories, etc.

Surrogate Sisters Mentoring Program

Surrogate Alternatives offers our surrogate mothers an added level of support by giving them the opportunity to be paired with a proven surrogate who has already delivered a child through our agency and gone through the entire process from start to finish. These surrogate sisters have volunteered their time to provide support to our new surrogates and accompany them to doctor visits, chat by phone or email and help guide them along their journey with their intended parents. Being a surrogate mother is a unique endeavor and people have preconceived beliefs of what surrogacy is and some women may not have anyone they feel comfortable enough to talk to about what they are doing.

Each surrogate mother will have a different experience. Some will get pregnant on the first try, others it may take an additional time or two. Then when they do become pregnant it is with twins or occasionally with triplets! It’s an unexpected ride and having a friend there for you to call or meet with for lunch will help make you feel more comfortable and enrich your experience that much more.