Finding a Surrogate Mother

Allowing an experienced and reputable agency to assist you, with choosing a surrogate mother provides you with assurance that the candidates you are considering have been found suitable for surrogacy in accordance with the guidelines of the FDA, State of California legal system and many years of experience in this specialized field.  SAI has pre-screened all accepted surrogate mothers to ensure they have met the requirements and qualifications for our program. Surrogate mothers accepted by SAI must be healthy, emotionally and financially stable, reliable, committed to the process and medically healthy.

Click here to see a detailed list of our surrogate mother requirements.

The agency director assisting you through the matching process will provide you with detailed profiles of current available surrogate mothers. After you have identified candidates of interest to you, the agency director will compare the candidates to your specific preferences and provide you with additional recommendations and guidance to ensure you have the largest selection of possible surrogate mothers from which to choose.  Many intended parents have specific preferences when looking at surrogate mother candidates and at times surrogate mothers have certain preferences when considering which intended parents to help.  SAI takes great pride in the matching process and holds both parties’ wishes in high regard.  Once the surrogate mother has viewed the intended parent’s profile and confirmed her interest in them, the agency director will arrange for a meeting between you and the surrogate mother. Typically this meeting occurs by phone, Skype or in person.  Once a mutual match agreement has been made between you and a surrogate mother, SAI will provide you with detailed instructions for your arrangement and begin guiding all parties through the process, to ensure the journey is expedited, enjoyable and memorable.