Surrogate Mothers

Start a fulfilling journey where you can help someone in need experience the joy of parenthood. You’re going to love being a part of helping to create families.


Egg Donors

Being an egg donor is the most generous and meaningful gift you can ever give. You will change people’s lives forever.


Finding a Surrogate Mother

We have several surrogates available now! There is no obligation or cost to you to view their profiles. Begin searching our database now!

Get to Know SAI

Surrogate Alternatives was founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of creating families. We specialize in third party reproduction through surrogate parenting and egg donation. We take our work personally. For more than 15 years, our family at Surrogate Alternatives have worked with more than 1,500 couples globally and have had the privilege of being apart of the birth of over 1,200 babies.

From the Surrogacy Blog

Surrogate Alternatives

Knowing When the Match Will Work

  Some say that the most nerve racking part of the Surrogacy process is when you go to meet your potential IPs (Intended Parents) or potential Surrogate Mother for the first time. At this point you have each been given some information regarding the potential match, read it, and decided whether or not you would […]


Embryo Info

Fresh, frozen, PGD, blastocyst, biopsy, eggs, transfer. All of these are words that go along with an embryo and if you are having issues with fertility, you have probably heard them but you may not know exactly what they all mean. The human reproductive system is fascinating, but it’s so in-depth that even though we […]


Did you hear the one about the sperm donor who had to pay child support? (This is not a joke)

  Back in January, a court ruled that a Kansas man who donated sperm to an English lesbian couple five years ago was now financially responsible for their four-year old daughter. Even though the parties had signed contracts stating that the man would have no financial responsibilities for any children conceived, they did not use […]

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