Egg Donation Compensation

Surrogate Alternatives is owned and operated by Diana Olmeda, who has been an egg donor five times for couples around the globe. Her egg donation cycles resulted in the birth of 7 children.

Our egg donors are compensated generously for their time and commitment to our clients. Without caring, compassionate women like you, many couples would never experience the joy of having a child to love and call their own.

The compensation and reimbursement you will receive is outlined below:

Canceled Cycle Fee:

This fee is paid to you only if you begin stimulation medication, and at no fault of yours, the cycle becomes canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Long Distance Travel:

If your IVF clinic is located in a different county than where you live, you will be reimbursed all your travel costs. This includes, (if needed): air fare, mileage, car rental, hotel and food per diem. A travel companion’s airfare is also paid, to accompany you to the Egg Retrieval only.


You must request this once you are matched and listed in your contracts if you feel you will need assistance to care for your child while you go to your appointments.

Completed Cycle Compensation:

Once you complete the egg retrieval process, you will receive your compensation within 7 days.