Gay Surrogacy


The desire to have a family for a gay couple, gay single or transgender prospective parent, is openly accepted at Surrogate Alternatives. For more than seventeen wonderful years, SAI has had the pleasure of assisting many gay intended parents globally, through successful surrogacy and egg donation arrangements.

Many gay intended parents need the assistance of both an egg donor and a surrogate mother to create their family. SAI provides you with experience, knowledge and care to help you achieve your dream of becoming parents through third party reproduction. We understand your situation is different than a couple struggling through infertility for many years before accepting this route as their path to parenthood.

As gay intended parents, third party reproduction offers a more convenient parenting option to building tomorrow’s families today. Often gay intended parents may have considered adoption as a possible option, but realize the difficulty being gay can pose on their ability to adopt. With the assistance of an egg donor and a gestational surrogate mother, gay intended parents are provided with the ability to have children biologically related to them, as well as be recognized as the rightful and legal parents under California surrogacy and egg donation laws. For many gay male couples, the mere possibility of having children together through this amazing process is remarkable in itself. As a gay male couple, whether legally married or partnered, you can create and build your family together. By choosing the same egg donor, sharing fertilization and transferring an embryo biologically related to each male into your surrogate mother, your dream could come true together.

Choosing the right agency to help you through this memorable and life changing journey should be a pleasant and comfortable experience. Surrogate Alternatives understands each intended parent’s situation is unique and recognizes the importance in taking time to understand your individual desires. We are pleased to offer all potential intended parents a free, no-obligation consultation. Intended parents may choose between a phone, Skype or physical meeting at our office. During your free consultation your agency director will explain the process in its entirety and answer all questions and concerns you may have. You will be provided information on all areas of the process, including medical, psychological, legal and financial requirements. The agency director will ask you a series of important questions, in order to understand your specific desires and goals for the process.

Should you choose Surrogate Alternatives to assist you, you can rest assured you will be in reliable and reputable hands every step of the way. Your agency director will be able to provide you with exceptional advice and guidance as you research all options available to you during this unique process, providing you with exceptional service throughout your entire journey to becoming a parent.


Starting the process for surrogacy seemed overwhelming. We felt a lot better after we discovered SAI online and had our first Skype call with Ann. It was immediately obvious that she had an incredible amount of expertise and experience working with gay couples from out of state. She often answered our questions before we even thought to ask them. Without hesitation we contracted with SAI. Ann and the others at SAI were always available to answer questions by email, phone, or Skype. Ann really got to know us and connected us with our ideal egg donor and surrogate. She helped us navigate the legal paperwork and offered helpful advice for working with our surrogate. We were so happy to have Ann visit us in the hospital the day after our twins were born because she helped make our dream of being dads become a reality.

All Smiles now thanks to SAI,
-Tony & Derek