Surrogate Parenting


Choosing to become a parent through surrogacy is not a decision many people come to lightly. Usually, all avenues have been exhausted before surrogacy is a considered option.  The ability to carry a child is a natural desire, shared by many women throughout the world.  Unfortunately, and for various reasons, this ability is not a viable option for all women.  Thankfully, surrogate parenting provides them with the opportunity to become a mother and closely “share” in the experience throughout the process.  Women who become surrogate mothers understand the sensitive nature of your personal struggles and want to help create the family you so naturally desire. They are kind-hearted, giving, caring mothers who have difficulty imagining their own lives without their children and want to help see this through to a successful ending for you.

Many intended parents may have considered adoption as a possible option, but recognize the differences and difficulties involved.   Adoption does not provide intended parents with the option to use their own biological materials and the fear of the birth mother changing her mind often leads them to choose third party reproduction as their best option.  Intended parents are provided with the ability to create children biologically related to one or both of them, as well as be recognized as the rightful and legal parents under California law. Third party reproduction offers modern day parenting options with the convenience of “building tomorrow’s families today” through medical advances and personal choice.

Choosing the right agency to help you through this memorable and life changing journey should be a pleasant and comfortable experience. SAI understands each intended parent’s situation is unique and recognizes the importance in taking time to understand your individual desires.  Our agency is pleased to offer all potential intended parents a free, no-obligation consultation. Intended parents may choose between a phone, Skype or physical meeting at our office. During your free consultation your agency director will explain the process in its entirety and answer all questions and concerns you may have. You will be provided information on all areas of the process, including medical, psychological, legal and financial requirements. The agency director will ask you a series of important questions, in order to understand your specific desires and goals for the process.

Should you choose SAI to assist you, you can rest assured you will be in reliable and reputable hands every step of the way. Your knowledgeable agency director will be able to provide you with exceptional advice and guidance as you research all options available to you during this unique process.


When my Husband and I were thinking about having a baby with a surrogate, there were two-questions we asked ourselves. What do we do first? How do we choose someone to be a surrogate for us? Thankfully I found Surrogate Alternatives on the internet. They were able to answer those questions and many more that we had. We could not think of anyone better to help us with the entire process than people that have been Surrogates themselves. They were able to take all the guess work out of everything from putting us in contract with the most Wonderful Surrogate, a Great Lawyer and the Absolutely Best Fertility Center. They have a great support system for the Surrogates and were in constant contact with us. We never felt alone in our journey as Surrogate Alternatives was always just a phone call or email away. We could not have asked for things to go more smoothly that they did with Surrogate Alternatives, for not only their kindness, but for their vast knowledge of the entire process. I thank them every day in my heart for doing what they do, for without the, I would have never known what to do first or how to choose someone to bring my Beautiful Son into this world.

-Ginger, Bill & Baby Lorence